Anjanasoft Mission

Anjana Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Also known as Anjanasoft provides top quality information technology consulting and professional contract services through our Staff of experienced computer consultants and independent contractors. At Anjanasoft, we integrate the highest ethical and professional standards with continued profitability and hands-on community involvement to create a quietly successful, uniquely dynamic company.

Our Vision

Anjanasoft is driven by its motto “making IT possible”, providing strategic and cost effective solutions to Clients at very high quality standards.

  • Constantly and consistently work towards exceeding the Client expectations and SLA’s
  • Provide global technology solutions with highest quality standards.
  • Strong business relationship with the client and invest in the spirit of partnership.
  • Proactive commitment and accountability.

What We Do

Since 2001, we've been providing professional consulting and contract services to medium and large clients in Insurance and Financial Services Domain using Global Delivery Model.

  • Integrated Business, Technology and Process solutions leveraging the Global delivery model
  • Analysis, Design, and Programming of Business Applications.
  • Feasibility Studies and Proof of Concept Development
  • Prototype and Quality Assurance.
  • Professional Development Training
  • Project Leadership and Management



Anjanasoft has made a strategic investment into this Niche IT Services company in 2012.

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Anjanasoft Edge

Instead of focusing on rapid growth and expansion, we simply concentrate on providing top quality technology services for our Clients and professional growth and development for our Staff. Unlike many consulting companies, Anjanasoft operates in an extremely participatory model. Our Staff has the opportunity for substantial involvement in the way Anjanasoft Consulting does business through Semi-annual Planning Sessions; Staff Meetings; Internal Project Teams; and Staff Membership on the Anjanasoft Management Team.

  • Optimum delivery model of 10:90, onsite/offshore ratio
  • Maintain 15 – 20 % of trained backup resources, to deliver capacity spikes and to mitigate attrition
  • Transparency – Daily, Weekly, Monthly status to the Client
  • Professionally trained team with excellent communication skills who can directly work with Businesss/Client
  • Provide extended support (24x7) based on project demand or emergencies
  • Knowledge retention through career growth opportunities
  • Over 30% of resources are subject matter experts (SME’s)

Employee Engagement

At Anjanasoft, we go to unusual lengths to find our Staff rewarding engagements. To do this, we develop, and update at least twice annually, Engagement Parameters that define the preferences and priorities of each Staff Member. The Engagement Parameters address the following areas:

  • Working environment (at the Client site)
  • Type of work (analysis, design, programming, etc.)
  • Location of Work
  • Overtime preferences
  • On-call preferences

The Engagement Parameters are then used to create an individualized Marketing Plan, which is used to locate engagements that match, as closely as possible, the preferences and priorities of the Engagement Parameters. While no consulting company can guarantee a perfect engagement, we believe that by asking our Staff for their preferences; listening to what they say; and then matching their preferences against available engagements based on that information, we have the best chance of meeting their needs. This also helps us better meet our Clients' needs; when we match our Staff to engagements in this way there is a stronger likelihood of Staff satisfaction, which enables us to keep our commitments to our Clients.

Individual Development Plan

An Individual Development Plan (IDP) is developed with each Staff Member, and then updated twice annually. Uniquely, the IDP is based on what the Staff Member wants to do professionally, not what the Company thinks the Staff Member needs. Working together, we then develop an action plan to help the Staff Member achieve their goals. Agreement on the action plan includes a commitment (financial and otherwise) from Anjanasoft to achieve the desired results.

Business Engagement Model

Anjanasoft takes extraordinary measures to match the expectations of our Clients with those of our Staff Members. At the beginning of each engagement, we develop engagement objectives with the Client and the Staff Member.

On a monthly basis, we discuss the engagement with the Client to receive their feedback regarding the Staff Member. This is a value add to the Client, because we can ensure we are meeting their expectations and SLAs.

This closed loop feedback approach provides value to the Staff Member as well, because they get regular feedback on their performance. And this inturn ensures a successful engagement and good quality service to our Clients.

Anjanasoft as an organization is client friendly, flexible, cost effective and provide services on any of the below delivery models.

  • Fixed Price
  • Co-sourcing
  • Time & Material
  • Blended onsite-offshore Rate


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