2017 News Events – First Quarter

  • Anjanasoft Offshore employees celebrated “Pongal 2017” at offshore office facility to signify the new year commencement of abundance and prosperity and as a way for new opportunities.
  • Anjanasoft Onsite employees enjoyed a get-to-gether at Hotel Hilton @ Woodland Hills, US for successful Anjana 16th Year celebrations.

2016 News Events – Fourth Quarter

  • Expanded the employee base by hiring new resources and inducting them into Anjanasoft and Vishwak teams.

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2016 News Events – Third Quarter

  • Expanded the employee base by hiring new resources and inducting them into Anjanasoft and Vishwak teams.

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2016 News Events – Second Quarter

  • Expanded the employee base by hiring new resources and inducting them into Anjanasoft and Vishwak teams – additional office space has been acquired from the same premises.
  • Anjanasoft group enjoys a get-to-gether at Hotel Le Royal Meridien @ Chennai for successful new release celebration.
  • Few more employees marked the completion of 5 years and 10 years with Anjanasoft.

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2016 News Events – First Quarter

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  • Expanded the employee base by hiring new resources and inducting them into Anjanasoft and Vishwak teams.
  • Anjanasoft Onsite employees enjoyed a get-to-gether at Hotel Hilton @ Woodland Hills, US for successful Anjana Quindecennial celebrations.
  • Anjanasoft Offshore employees celebrated “Pongal 2016” at offshore office facility to signify the new year commencement of abundance and prosperity and as a way for new opportunities.

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