2012 News Events – First Quarter

  • Ramped up hiring across technical areas, Anjanasoft expands its marketing efforts
  • Time for celebration – few employees completed 10 years of golden service with Anjanasoft. Anjanasoft’s Board appreciated their hard work with gifts and memento
  • Anjanasoft invests in Carbon Associates Services Pvt Ltd., Chennai (CA). CA is India’s innovative technology startup working on Climate Research & Instruments, The investment is to foster CA’s expansion on Technology Infrastructure, Scientific Research on commercial & industrial emissions sector in India.

Carbon Associates (CA) technology solutions are ushering in an era of environmental & industrial transparency. This is achieved by enabling government agencies, regulators, commercial & industrial customers, and the scientific community to accurately and easily monitor, measure industrial pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and natural gas leaks.

“By focusing on providing a powerful yet simple analytical platform for a broad array of applications for carbon cycle and water cycle science, Carbon Associates Services Pvt Ltd has emerged as a growing scientific instrument company in just a few years. “We plan to continue to expand into industrial compliance markets by providing fully integrated solutions for industry, regulators and other market stakeholders to validate claims, maintain compliance and ensure public safety.